Deep Diving Shad 07


Ranges to 14 feet deep, moving with a tight, fast shad shaped wobble, this lively killer sends out vibrations that pressure even distant, non-feeding gamefish to come running. Cast or troll, fast or super slow, use light line with a soft tipped rod, it’s an irresistible target for suspended fish. With the unique and innovative locking lip that’s tough as nails, it means pure death for lunkers.

Albino Orange Belly (AOB)

Blood Orange (BLOR)

Carrot (CRT)

Gold (G)

Gold Perch (GP)

Grape Tiger (GT)

Pink Punch (PP)

Purple Pearl (PPL)

Purple Silver (PS)

Purple Teal (PPT)

Realistic Bluegill (RBGL)

Realistic Shad (RSD)

Red Shad (REDSD)

Silver (S)

Silver Blue (SB)

Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse (SFC)

Yellow Perch (YP)

Deep Diving Shad 07

Extra-fast wobble on a slow troll, steady track on a fast troll, so vary speed to keep fish interested. Use 6-12 pound test line and a soft-tipped rod for the best action. The energetic shad shaped body is perfect for slaying suspended fish.

Length Weight Depth
2.75'' 1/3 oz 12-14'