Rattlin' B

Rattlin' B Plus (RBP6)

Carefully designed to create a unique swimming profile for multi-species mid-range fish. Ideal for deep water jigging.

Length Weight Depth
2 3/4'' 1/2 oz Deep



Rattlin' B Minus (RBM6)

Uniquely balanced to swim shallower than any other lipless crankbait. Perfect for multi-species fishing over grass or shallow structure.

Length Weight Depth
2 3/4'' 1/2 oz Shallow



It’s about time that someone took a fresh look at lipless crank bait fishing and used a little ingenuity to meet today’s fishing environments. Intelligently designed by Jarmo Rapala, these new lures are built to run with high vibration and a loud, resonating rattle. You can cast them, troll them or jig them – a true multi species bait. Each of these models are expertly constructed and tank tested to ensure quality fishing in every fishing situation.

Brown Crawdad (BCW)

Chrome Blue (CHB)

Chrome Gold (CHG)

Chrome Silver (CHS)

Fire Crawdad (FCW)

Red Crawdad (RCW)

Realistic Shad (RSD)

Sexy Shad (SS)