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Dancing In The Dark. The Balsa Diving Stick is a deep diving crankbait made from super light balsa wood which allows it to dive quicker and run truer with an incredible dancing action that cannot be replicated in resin. Designed with an internal weighting system and a full wire through harness, it's a perfectly balanced bait that allows for deep fishing with-out any compromise in action or toughness. Make room in your box for a Bagley bait that can find anything in the dark.
Balsa Diving Stick 04
Model Length Weight Depth
Balsa Diving Stick 04 4 1/2'' 3/8 oz 15-20'
Balsa Diving Stick 05 5 1/2'' 5/8 oz 23-25'
Casted or slow trolled, this baits uniquely tapered and shaved lip design allows the bait to dive with less resistance which makes it get deeper quicker than other deep running baits. Made of balsa wood, its lighter weight provides tremendous vibration and tail movement – that triggers uncontrolled strikes from walleye, lake trout and other deeper holding fish.

Black Head Orange, Blue Pink Tiger, Black Silver Pink, Candy Corn, Purple Dot, Spotted Lava, Sneeze, Solar, Silver Pink Chartreuse, Sea Sick


Balsa Diving Stick 04 - 4.5", 3/8 oz, Balsa Diving Stick 05 - 5.5", 5/8 oz

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