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Big, powerful, deep-running and deadly, classic for heavy predators and epic strikes. Super tough ABS resin body and an super-strong poly-carbonate swimming lip that is uniquely locked into the lures body makes this bait ideal for bouncing off bottom structure and rocks; equipped with heavy-duty hooks and split rings this bait is truly battle-ready for muskie, pike, striped bass or grouper. The designed wobble varies with trolling speed, setting the action for magnum-caliber hits.

Bang O B 06
5.25'' 1 1/2 oz 15-20' 2

Troll this classic muskie killer at any speed from 2 to 8 miles per hour for powerful, lifelike action at 20 feet. The faster the troll, the faster the wobble, making a big predator strike before the prey escapes. Try random turns to increase attraction. troll over drop-offs or cast along deep shorelines.

Bang O B 08
8'' 2 1/4 oz 20-30' 2

Troll at varying speeds from 2 to 8 miles per hour to match the natural action of big baitfish at depths to 30 feet. This is the long-time go-to lure for taking huge muskie and northern pike, and equally effective on grouper, striped bass, and other aggressive hunters.


Baby Bass, Bluegill, Gold Perch, Hot Tiger, Little Musky On Orange, Little Musky on Yellow, Parrot, Tennessee Shad, Yellow Dots


Bang-O-B 06 - 5.25", 1 1/2 oz, Bang-O-B 08 - 8", 2 1/4 oz

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