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It’s about time that someone took a fresh look at lipless crank bait fishing and used a little ingenuity to meet today’s fishing environments. Intelligently designed by Jarmo Rapala, these new lures are built to run with high vibration and a loud, resonating rattle. You can cast them, troll them or jig them – a true multi species bait. Each of these models are expertly constructed and tank tested to ensure quality fishing in every fishing situation.

Rattlin' B Plus
2-3/4'' 1/2 oz Deep 2
Carefully designed to create a unique swimming profile for multi-species mid-range fish. Ideal for deep water jigging.
Rattlin' B Minus
2-3/4” 1/2oz Shallow 2
Uniquely balanced to swim shallower than any other lipless crank, it's ideal for multi-species fishing over grass or shallow structure.

Brown Crawdad, Chrome Blue, Chrome Gold, Chrome Silver, Fire Crawdad, Red Crawdad, Realistic Shad, Sexy Shad


Rattlin' B Minus 6 - 2.75", 3/8 oz, Rattlin' B Plus 6 - 2.75", 1/2 oz

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