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This diving bait was inspired by its forerunner - the balsa wood Kill'r B.  Made using durable ABS resin, this diving bait is perfect for dredging up even the most stubborn holding fish.  Featuring thin outer body walls and a resonating rattle, this fast diving bait was meant for drop offs, steep shorelines and boulder bottoms.  Crank it down and then use use quick twitches to call in the big ones.   Designed to swim with that traditional deep diving Bagley Kill'r B action.

  • Ultra-thin, hand placed lip for delicate and precise action
  • Designed to cast far and to emit a distinctive, low resonating rattle upon retrieve
  • Three piece construction and thin wall design imitates the delicate action of balsa
  • Weighted lip dives immediately with thumping action
  • Hand tuned and tank tested
Rattlin' Diving Kill'r B 2
2 1/4'' 3/8 oz 6-7' 2

Designed with a lead weight built into the traditionally rounded diving lip, this rattling lure casts easy (even in wind) with light tackle and dives quickly with a steady retrieve. Carefully designed internal BB chambers create a low frequency rattle that attract both bass and walleye.  


Mustard Shad, Tennessee Shad, Sexy Shad, Black Stripes on Silver, Black Stripes on Gold, Silver, Red Crawdad, Purple Shad, Olive Shad, Baby Bass, Hot Tiger, Gold, Citrus Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Blue, White, Orange, Bluegill, Brown Crawdad

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