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Bagley introduced the Rattlin’ Finger Mullet in 2015.  Inspired by it’s wooden forerunner, this top water walking bait is now updated with a resonating rattle and in material toughness so it can handle the violence of those big fish strikes.   Designed to cast like a bullet, even in windy conditions, it is super easy to work on top.  This is a precisely engineered rattle resin bait for all of those tough in-shore fighters.  The Rattlin’ Finger Mullet is available in two sizes and in nine salty colors.

A rattle that will knock your socks off.  Easy casting and easy to work, this 3.5" length  topwater walking bait appeals to most inshore fish lurking around the grass and on flats.  Hardware is upgraded with strong black nickel hooks and stainless split rings.  Its a perfect size for most applications.
3-1/2'' 1/2 oz Surface 2
This 4.25" length model is a little bigger and heavier  than it brother and is meant to cast further for when the fish are lurking beyond the breaks. You can walk it fast, jerk and pause or slow walk it over the top.  Its a versatile topwater bait that can handle the baddest guys out there that are looking for a fight.
4-1/4'' 5/8 oz Surface 2

Copper Mullet, Gold, Glass Minnow, Natural Mullet, Red Head, Silver Blue, Silver Chartreuse, Silver Pink, Sardine


Rattlin' Finger Mullet 09 - 3.5", 1/2 oz, Rattlin' Finger Mullet 11 - 4.25", 5/8 oz

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