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This perfect crayfish lure mimic is natural forage for migrating salmon and steelhead, and irresistible to suspended bass and walleye. Built with a deep diving lip and super strong resin body for maximum durability. Crank it down fast, retrieve, pause, and allow it to float up - that drives fish crazy, until they tear into the bait right at the surface.

Small Fry Crayfish Deep Diving
2.5'' 3/8oz 8-10' 2

Use light tackle and 6-10 pound line to work this lure down to 8-10 foot depths, where bass will inhale this realistic looking bait.


Black Silver Flake, Copper Crayfish, Copper Mullet, Dark Gold Crayfish, Gold, Green Crayfish, Green Banana, Grape Tiger, Purple Bumble Bee, Pink Banana, Pink Punch, Purple Wonder, Red Crayfish, Silver Blue, Silver Pink

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