Bagley Bait Co. has specialized in making great freshwater and saltwater metal spoons and jigs and fishing lures for decades. These baits are staples of any serious fisherman’s tackle box when searching their favorite in-shore spots or those weed beds where trophies lurk.The spoons are stamped into classic tear drop shapes that promote a unique fluttering action. Often, a hex design is forged into the outer face of the spoon to create angles in the metal that create an additional degree of subtle flash in the water. After stamping, if the spoon is a weedless design, a razor sharp hook is hand soldered into place before moving on to the plating process where a mirror finish creates incredible flash.

Bagley jigs are made by smelting lead and then hand pouring the molten lead into molds and around select VMC hooks. Once formed the jigs are set into painting fixtures where they then begin the multiple stage painting, varnishing and dressing process for some styles.

These manufacturing processes are time tested but care in design, as well as finish, distinguishes Bagley metals from all others.

Fish with confidence.