Minnow B



This newer Bagley top water stick bait is a thrill to throw. Built in durable ABS resin and with that unmistakable Bagley action, it’s easy to cast and fun to work on top or just sub-surface. Designed with internal rattle chambers to produce great fish calling sound. The Minnow B is available in two sizes (04 and 05) and in 23 fish catching colors. Designed with Bagley purists in mind but built for those who simply love great top water action.

Baby Bass (BB)

Blue White Orange (BSO)

Chartreuse Shad (CSD)

Gold (G)

Hot Tiger (HT)

Olive Shad (OSD)

Purple Pearl (PPL)

Silver (S)

Black Stripes on Gold (SBG)

Black Stripes on Silver (SBS)

Sexy Shad (SS)

Tennessee Shad (TSD)

Yellow Perch (YP)

Carrot (CRT)

Blood Orange (BLOR)

Grape Tiger (GT)

Green Banana (GB)

Pink Banana (PKB)

Pink Punch (PP)

Purple Bumble Bee (PBB)

Purple Teal (PPT)

Purple Wonder (PW)

Red Shad (REDSD)

Minnow B 04

This two hook model has unmistakable Bagley action. Use light tackle. It is easy to cast in calm or low wind conditions and swims just subsurface. During steady retrieve it has a strong vibrating fish calling action. Throw it near underwater structure. Rip it, twitch it, pause it, retrieve. Versatile in use, varying actions will produce big fish results.

Length Weight Depth
4'' 1/4 oz 0-3'

Minnow B 05

A topwater stick bait must have. The longer 5 inch model is built for big fish looking for a decent meal. Built for use with light to medium tackle and designed to cast easily and run with a searching, rocking action when retrieved. Varied techniques of pause and rip or twitch and retrieve often get best results and vicious strikes. Swims just subsurface and is ideal for big fish holding near underwater structure.

Length Weight Depth
5'' 3/8 oz 0-3'