Rattlin' Finger Mullet


The Rattlin’ Finger Mullet is a bait inspired by its older balsa brother. Now this precisely engineered rattling plastic version allows for farther casts in windy conditions, tremendous sound emanation and enhanced durability that will stand up to those tough in-shore fighters. In-shore fishermen are in love with this new models durability and high quality hardware- essential for handling agressive strikes. The Rattlin’ Finger Mullet is available in two sizes (9 and 11) and in nine salty colors

Finger Mullet SRD

Sardine (SRD)

Finger Mullet SPK

Silver Pink (SPK)

Finger Mullet SCH

Silver Chartreuse (SCH)

Finger Mullet SB

Silver Blue (SB)

Finger Mullet RH

Red Head (RH)

Finger Mullet NM

Natural Mullet (NM)

Finger Mullet GM

Glass Minnow (GM)

Finger Mullet G

Gold (G)

Finger Mullet CM

Copper Mullet (CM)

Rattlin' Finger Mullet 09

A rattle that will knock your socks off. Using precision engineered, durable plastic, this bait is easy to cast in windy conditions and is built to stand up to those ferocious fighters. Use with medium heavy tackle and test for best results.

Length Weight Depth
3.5'' 1/2 oz Surface

Rattlin' Finger Mullet 11

The longer, heavier model, this bait is perfect for catching those in-shore baddies. RFM11 is the toughest top-water bait you will find out there, and is built tough to withstand any fight. Get maximum use with medium tackle and test and get rattlin'.

Length Weight Depth
4.25'' 5/8 oz Surface