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Matt Becker - Bagley Bait Company, LLC

Matt Becker joins the Bagley team for the 2020 season.   Matt is a fast rising fishing star.  Hailing from Finleyville Pennsylvania, he has steadily worked his way up the amateur and professional fishing ranks culminating in his joining the FLW Tour in 2018.  He started his first year on tour with a bang, ultimately capturing the 2018 Rookie of the Year honors.  In his first two years on the FLW Tour he had two top ten finishes to his credit and also became a two time FLW Cup qualifier, finishing 15th in the 2019 event.

Matt is an active social media participant and can be followed on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.  He can also be followed at: www.mattbeckerfishing.com

Matt is a versatile angler who has found success fishing using a variety of techniques.  Matt considers himself to be a finesse fisherman and depending on conditions, he likes to work topwater baits, bladed jigs and shallow running crankbaits.  When all else fails he grabs a square bill Balsa B to get the needed bite going.