For 60 years, smallies, walleye, pike and bigmouth have thrashed weedbeds and structure in savage attacks on the same infuriating romper:  the irresistible Bang-O-Lure. Cast, settle, twitch and retrieve. Or troll five feet from shore. Either way, grip tight and brace yourself for a classic strike.

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Bang O Lure 4
Length Weight Depth Hooks
4.25” 1/4 oz 0-2′ 2

Use medium tackle and fish tight to logs, stumps or weedbeds. Cast, let it set, twitch, set again, and retrieve. On the retrieve, it dives to 2 feet, often prompting surface strikes as you’re pulling in for another cast.

Bang O Lure 5
Length Weight Depth Hooks
5.25” 3/8 oz 0-2′ 3

Ideal for big predators like largemouth bass striking at a wounded shad on the surface or a big pike gobbling perch over a weedbed. Cast it, let it sit, and twitch it. Watch the rings disappear before twitching again. Any slight disturbance means a big fish.

This Bagley lure is manufactured using the exclusive Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process which is a technological advancement in making high quality balsa lures.

This unique production process allows for a full wire through design, creating greater lure strength and durability when used with today’s modern lines and equipment. The HCM process also allows for precise internal weighting that results in easy casting and perfectly running baits – every time.

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Baby Bass (BB), Black Back/Gold Foil (BGO), Black Back/Silver Foil (BS), Blue, White, Orange (BSO), Chartreuse Bluegill (CBGL), Chartreuse Shad (CSD), Gray Ghost (GG), Hot Tiger (HT), Black Stripes On Gold Foil (SBG), Black Stripes On Silver Foil (SBS), Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse (SFC), Sexy Shad (SS), Chartreuse Crayfish On White (TOM), Tennessee Shad/Orange Belly (TSO)


Bang-O-Lure 4, Bang-O-Lure 5