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This is the fastest-diving crankbait made:  big bodied and lead-lipped, with a dive-bomb descent angle that gets straight to hanging bass and a thumping balsa body action that ignites a violent strike. Unleash over a dropoff for suspended fish, or crank along a rocky bottom to draw eager predators like a free lunch.

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Diving B1
Length Weight Depth Hooks
1.75” 5/16 oz 7-8′ 2

You can feel the action thumping in your rod tip, so use the medium tackle and 10 to 15 pound test. Fish 6-10 feet depth, cracking the bait’s weighted lip off hard, rocky bottoms to replicate feeding baitfish and draw predators.

Diving B2
Length Weight Depth Hooks
2.25” 5/8 oz 10-12′ 2

Deeper depth calls for 12-15 pound test used with medium tackle. Use the rapid plunge to reach fish hanging by dropoffs or deep shorelines, balancing balsa buoyancy, water-pushing lip and medium retrieve to create a strong wobble.

This Bagley lure is manufactured using the exclusive Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process which is a technological advancement in making high quality balsa lures.

This unique production process allows for a full wire through design, creating greater lure strength and durability when used with today’s modern lines and equipment. The HCM process also allows for precise internal weighting that results in easy casting and perfectly running baits – every time.

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Baby Bass (BB), Black Gold Orange (BGO), Black Back/Silver Foil (BS), Blue Back/White side/Orange Belly (BSO), Chartreuse Bluegill (CBGL), Chartreuse Crawdad (CHCW), Chartreuse Shad (CSD), Citrus Shad (CTSD), Grey Ghost (GG), Hot Tiger (HT), Red Crawdad (RCW), Shad (SD), Sexy Shad (SS), Tennessee Shad/Orange Belly (TSO)


Diving B1, Diving B2