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Best Bait for Walleye and Pike - The Big & Classic Monster Shad


This is a big fish classic: solid shad-shaped with a unique and innovative locking lip, 4x treble hooks, built to agitate muskie, pike, strippers or peacock bass. Cast it along deep shores, timber or weed-lines, or troll it over drop-offs to ambush lurking carnivores. The aggressive hunting action of this bait is just the feast they’re looking for.

Price: $14.99

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Monster Shad
Length Weight Depth Hooks
5″ 1 1/4 oz 10-12′ 2

Bagley Monster Shad troll at varied speeds to vary swim depths from 10 to 12 feet, using sudden turns to fire strikes from following predators. Or troll at a steady 3-4 miles per hour and move straight along drop-offs, using sonar to stay above hanging fish. For casting, look for weed-lines or for shorelines with small, timbered bays or sharp drop-offs.

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Baby Bass (BB), Gold Perch (GP), Hot Tiger (HT), Little Musky on Orange (LMO), Little Musky on Yellow (LMY), Parrot (PRT), Realistic Bluegill (RGBL), Realistic Shad (RSD), Silver (S), Tennessee Shad (TSD), Yellow Dots (YD)


Monster Shad