Bagley introduced the Shallow Sunny B in 2015.  This bait is designed with a unique swimming lip to work in the shallows around grass and structure for preying bass. Built via the Bagley HCM process, its balsa body is perfectly balanced for easy casting and can be slow or fast retrieved. Its unique body profile also allows it to be twitched for a quick darting action. The Shallow Sunny B is available in size 5 with 13 bass centric colors.  Cast away.

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Shallow Sunny B 05
Length Weight Depth Hooks
2” 3/8 oz 3-4′ 2

Made of balsa wood using the Bagley HCM process; this uniquely shaped lure is precision balanced for easy casting and attracts fish with fast, slow or twitched retrieves. The unique diving lip allows the lure to run shallow. Runs 3-4 feet deep with great vibration; ideal for fish in shallow water.

This Bagley lure is manufactured using the exclusive Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process which is a technological advancement in making high quality balsa lures.

This unique production process allows for a full wire through design, creating greater lure strength and durability when used with today’s modern lines and equipment. The HCM process also allows for precise internal weighting that results in easy casting and perfectly running baits – every time.

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Baby Bass (BB), Brown Crawdad (BCW), Chartreuse Bluegill (CBGL), Chartreuse Shad (CSD), Citrus Shad (CTSD), Gold (G), Green Crawdad (GCW), Hot Tiger (HT), Red Crawdad (RCW), Shad (SD), Sexy Shad (SS), Silver (S), Tennessee Shad Orange (TSO)


Shallow Sunny B 05