Social Media Submission


Are you an affiliate or rep looking to help promote Bagley but are unsure the best method? Below is a quick guide on how to share your fishing posts, images, articles and stories with us. We appreciate and welcome all posts pertaining to the Bagley brand and its lures.
One of biggest and easiest ways is to include or tag Bagley in your social media posts or images. This mainly can be done by using the @ character then either “BagleyBait” or “BagleyBaits” depending on where you are posting it.
Use @BagleyBait on Facebook, GooglePlus or YouTube.
Use @BagleyBaits on Twitter or Instagram.
By doing this you are essentially naming Bagley in your posts and linking to our sites. Below are the links to our social media sites. Feel free to visit and see how others are using the social media channels for exposure and brand awareness.

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As we grow our brand and product line, we need people like you to help spread the word. Let us know what your doing and how our lures have helped you by tagging us in your social media posts.
If unable to tag to us or find someone or some business talking about us please email us the link by using the form below.

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